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PRIMARY USES: Sleep, Pain, Anxiety, Addiction recovery

Relax is a Valerian formula but has many uses beyond sleep.

Relaxis a strong herbal painkiller; it is indicated for pain on all levels. It is a general skeletal muscle and smooth muscle (relaxes tubes of the body such as colon, urinary tract, bile duct, and uterus) relaxer; therefore,it can be used for pain after surgeries or injuries, menstrual cramps, pain from passing a stone (kidney or gall bladder), gas pain and for headaches. It also helps reduce emotional and mental trauma, muscle pain, emotional pain, addiction recovery, and assists in pain management.

Relax is a central nervous system sedative and a parasympathomimetic. It will slow down the mind and body and affect the autonomic nervous system by reducing adrenaline and therefore help to induce a more relaxed state. Relax can make one feel less cognitive and even groggy, so it is best used in the evening or when one can relax. Use Relax at night to help induce a better sleep that will help recovery time and to help have better energy the next day through having a good night’s sleep.

It can also assist jet lag, hyperactivity and for those who need a Valium like herbal effect. Relax also can help one to come off alcohol, drug, cigarette, or other addictions that make one irritable and where sedation is helpful in the acute recovery phase.

Pregnancy, Nursing

Kava Gold/Anxiet-Ease (if anxious or mind races, toss and turn)
Valerian Root (if need more sedation)
Kava Root (if anxious or mind races)
St. Johns Wort (for depression, pain)

SUGGESTED USE: Sleep: 60-120 drops in water or juice every 30-60 minutes, 1/2 hour before bed time until asleep. Can repeat if wake up. OK with other sleeping aids or protocols. Acute Pain: 60-120 drops in water or juice every hour or as needed to control pain.

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