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PRIMARY USES: Fatigue, Overexertion, Recovery Programs, Chemotherapy, Depression

Reishi Mushroom is for those under daily stress and want to avoid break down. Stress can bring on irritability, fatigue, weak immunity, headaches, difficult digestion, and elimination problems. Stress does not directly cause disease, but brings it on faster, usually along the lines of ones genetic, constitutional, predispositional or inherited weakness. On the other side, the release of stress promotes healing.

Results from Reishi Mushroom are achieved from longer-term use (over 1 month use). It is for those who put out more energy than they put back into themselves and run the risk of burn out. It is also indicated for burn out or chronic fatigue syndrome. Reishi Mushroom increases the body’s ability to adapt to daily stresses through hormonal modulation in the stress axis (hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal glands). It helps to make sure that one secretes the appropriate hormones so the body maintains homeostasis on a cellular level and therefore on an energy and mood level. Since stress effects immunity, this formula helps keep the immune system optimal in order to maintain resistance to daily inundation of germs.

Reishi Mushroom also helps the limbic brain (emotional brain) maintain homeostasis when overloaded with emotional and mental input. It helps in recovery programs. Reishi Mushroom is neutral energetically, so it will not overheat Pitta or fiery individuals.


Immuno-Tonic (if immunity is low)
Ginkgo (to increase cerebral and cognitive function)
Reishi Eleuthero Master

DOSAGE: 20-60 drops, 2-3 times per day or as needed in juice or water.

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