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PRIMARY USES: Allergies (hay fever), Asthma, Sinus Infections

Kid’s Aller-Calm is primarily for hay fever and other environmental allergies. It can be used as a preventative or used when acute with allergy symptoms. Asthma is a form of an allergy too.

For prevention, begin use 2-4 weeks before the onset of the allergy season by taking Kid’s Aller Calm, and this will increase resistance to pollens before they even start. Keep taking throughout the allergy season. Results can vary from a percentage decrease in reactivity to complete eradication of symptoms, and taking small amounts of local bee pollen and avoiding dairy consumption at this time will help.

For acute Allergies: The dosage here needs to be from 3-4 times per day until symptoms begin to subside. It inhibits histamines caused by the pollen of the plant and helps decongest. It also is a powerful antivibronchiadilator and increases oxygen uptake into the lungs. Since almost all hay fever are symptom of liver deficiency, Oregon Grape helps it.

Kid’s Aller-Calm can work deeper, it helps to support asthmatics as well, which is an allergy response.

Pregnancy. Not for Kids under 1 years of age because of honey.

Kids’ Cough (if cough is present or imminent)
Ear Clear Oil (topical i n ear for ear infection)

SUGGESTED USE: DOSAGE BY WEIGHT: 10-30 lb. Use 10-20 drops, 31-60 lb. Use 20-40 drops, 61-100 lb. Use 40-60 drops, Over 100 lb. Use 60-90 drops

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