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PRIMARY USES: Immune Booster for Immune Deficiency, Frequent Chronic Colds/Flu, Chemotherapy, Swollen Lymph

Immuno-Tonic is for those who get frequent colds/ flu; It will decrease the chances that one will get sick. Immuno-Tonic puts immunity on alert to help immune function prevent unwanted microbes from getting a foothold in our bodies. This tonic is best used long term (months) to boost immune function when deficient and is most effective if taken before one is acute or ill to boost immunity before symptoms are present. Immuno-Tonic also is a great family immune booster to prevent the passing of colds/flu to each other.

It will increase white blood cell activity via phagocytosis (the munching of white blood cells), interferon, NK (Natural Killer) T-cell activity and decrease degranulation (tissue breakdown from infection). It also will stimulates phagocytosis by human neutrophils (munching of white blood cells=WBC) to help clean up foreign bodies and will increase the number of white blood cell. It re-establishes healthy innate immune response, stimulates NK cell action and induces cytokine production. It facilitates lymph uptake and circulation and strengthens node structural tissue to help immunologic responses innately; it also helps lymphocyte production. It prevents and reverses necrosis from wounds by promoting tissue regeneration and reducing inflammation by inhibiting hyaluronidase production.

Since stress is a huge part of immune breakdown, Immune Tonic has adaptogens to help keep immunity strong by keeping stress response strong. Immuno-Tonic can be used after long or stressful days where one feels like they might get sick. It is great for those who work in the public domain and are exposed to high levels of germs (Le. teachers, health care providers, people who fly a lot, people in the service fields).

Immuno-Tonic is a specific in chemotherapy to keep the immune system strong and prevent immune break down (colds, pneumonia). It will help keep white blood cell counts in the normal range.

Pregnancy, Acute Colds/Flu

Astragalus (to increase this ingredient when deep immunity needs an added boost)
Oregano Oil (if acute)
Respir-Ease (if congested)
Echinacea Goldenseal (if acute and discolored, thick mucus)

SUGGESTED USE: General Preventative: 30-90 drops, 2-3 times per day or as needed in juice or water. If about to get sick: 60-120 drops every 2 hours for 4-6 doses

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