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PRIMARY USES: High Blood Pressure, Angina, Palpatations, Anxiety or Stress

Cardiac or heart disease is by far the leading cause of death in the USA; taking a heart tonic such as Heart Formula is a supportive and preventative measure. It is for virtually all heart related symptoms and is a great preventative to cardiac disease.

It increases flow in coronary vessels via dilation, therefore it has been reported to help reduce the likelihood of angina attacks. It also increases blood supply to the myocardium and helps to strengthen blood vessels and capillary strength. Heart Formula helps increase the cardiac output of blood volume and increase the efficiency of the heart and helps to strengthen blood vessels and capillary strength from its flavonoid content. It also helps to thin blood, reduce blood volume that results in high blood pressure, stimulates a parasympathetic or relaxation response that can also lower blood pressure. Combining it with other healthy heart supplements such as CoQ 10 is a synergistic approach to heart health.

Heart Formula does not have hypotensive effects; however, it can be combined with hypotensive drugs safely.


Kava Gold or Anxiet-Ease (stress mediated cardiac symptoms);
Kava Kava Root (stress mediated cardiac symptoms)
Diuretic (if diuretics are needed to reduce blood pressure)
Detoxify (if unhealthy life style)

DOSAGE : 30-60 drops, 2-3 times per day or as needed in juice or water. Increase general dose on label for overweight individuals. Take an extra 30 drops for every 40 pounds over 150 pounds.

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