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PRIMARY USES: Headaches, Migraines

Head-Aid is for all types of headaches. It will reduce pain, thin thick, fatty blood, cool the head, decrease inflammation, decrease throbbing, decrease tense headaches, and generally calm an adrenalized person down.

Head-Aid can be used as needed for the occasional headache and can also be used for chronic headaches. Migraine sufferers need to begin Head-Aid at the first neuralgic sign that a migraine is on its way. Before the intense pain begins, take every hour, and once the intense pain of a migraine begins, Valerian Root or Relax is needed to help sleep through the pain.

Sinus headaches, allergy induced headaches, food binge headaches and tension headaches can also be helped .

Pregnancy, Nursing, Prescription blood thinners

Relax (to help sleep through a migraine-like headache)
Anxiet-Ease (for stress headaches)
Kava Kava Root (for stress headaches)
Musc-Skel (for muscular tension headaches)
Liver DetoxlLiver Complex (for digestive fat hangover headaches)
Ginkgo (for cerebral constrictive headaches-i.e. coffee makes it worse)

DOSAGE: As need basis: Take 30-60 drops as need for oncoming or active headaches. Repeat every hour if headache is still present. Migraines: At first sign of oncoming headache take 60 drops every hour until onefeels like they are clear of the headache. For chronic migraines, take as a tonic (long term dosages). Long Term: Take 60 drops 2-3 times per day in juice or water.

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