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PRIMARY USES: Periodontal Disease, Gum Infections, Abscess, Halitosis (bad breath), Bleeding Gums

Gum Tonic is excellent as a preventative or curative for disease (pyorrhea). As a mouthwash in water, it helps to kill bacteria in the mouth and gums, it will tighten gums that are puffy and it will decrease gum bleeding. It will also increase saliva that will inhibit bacterial formation.

Bacteria formation will increase calculi, which irritates the gum, makes the gum inflame and makes the gum recede. Once the gum recedes, there is nothing that can bring it back. One needs to stop the recession, and GumTonic helps to do that.

It can be used as a preventative before and after oral surgery. Daily use for those looking at oral surgery in the near future might find that they have enough repair to the gums that they do not need the surgery anymore.

GumTonic also makes ones mouth feel clean and fresh even though the formula is bitter initially.

Clean teeth if they stain from the herbs.

Digest-Ease (if mouth is too dry)
Echinacea Goldenseal (for acute infections)
Immuno-Tonic (chronic low immunity)

DOSAGE: General: 30-90 drops in a little water and swish around vigorously in the mouth after brushing once per day.

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