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PRIMARY USES: Memory Loss, Confusion, Dementia (Alzheimer’s Syndrome), Depression in elderly, Dizziness (Vertigo), Ringing in t h e Ear (Tinnitus), Headache, Peripheral vascular disease

Ginkgo is effective for increasing cognitive ability, helping memory, increasing concentration capacity, reducing mental fog, helping depression, and increasing energy and vitality. Ginkgo is for cerebral vascular insufficiency and works by increasing blood flow into the head, brain and body, and getting the blood across the blood brain barrier. As one gets older, blood flow to the brain and to peripheral tissue decreases and diminished cerebral circulation can result in vertigo, ringing in the ear, Alzheimer’s symptoms, forgetfulness and depression. Ginkgo can be a wake up call for those with this system dysfunction and help all of this. It can be used as a long term tonic, especially in the elderly.Ginkgo is famous in assisting memory, focus and cognition. While it helps one to study, helps memory and cognitive thinking, and it works best when this vascular problem is present, especially with the elderly.

Ginkgo may help Circulatory headaches that are of a constricted nature by stimulating circulation throughout the body, and it also can help those who run cold (Raynaud’s syndrome), help cold hands and feet and warm one up. In addition, peripheral circulatory deficiency such as that found with diabetics may also be helped with Ginkgo.

Ginkgo also thins blood by diminishing platelet-aggregating factor. It is indicated for those with high blood fats resulting in everything from fatty headaches to allergies, inflammatory conditions, hemorrhoids, prostatitis and pelvic congestion. While Ginkgo can benefit many with fatty thick blood and obvious cardiac problems, Ginkgo does not work overnight and is best if used consistently for at least 2 weeks.

Prescriptions blood thinners. Ginkgo may aggravate a small number of cerebral vascular constrictive type headaches. The reputed allergenic aspect of ginkgo due to the ginkolic acid content is rare and requires large servings that make that reaction exceptionally rare. Ginkgo may potentiate MAO inhibiting anti-depressant. Do not take before surgery.

Reishi Eleuthero Master (if low energy)
St. John’s Wort (if depressed )
Ginger (poor circulation)
Head-Aid (if headaches)

DOSAGE: 30-60 drops, 2-3 times per day or as needed in juice or water.

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