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PRIMARY USES: Colds and Flu, Immune Deficiency, Infections (viral and bacterial)

Echinacea is famous as an immune builder for immune deficiency (i.e. chronic colds, flu , bacterial infections, slow healers, HIV, bed sores, chemotherapy); it helps to rebuild a healthy immune response and combines well with Astragalus. Echinacea is safe for long term use, it will not decrease immune response over time.

Echinacea also can stop an acute oncoming cold, flu or infection if used in large frequent doses for 12-24 hours at the first sign of immune breakdown; it will excite the immune system to fight off microbes before they dominate an organ system and create symptoms or pathology. For those who get sick every cold and flu season, begin using a moderate dose of Echinacea 1 -2 months before the cold and flu season begins, and if someone in the family is sick, give Echinacea to the other family members to prevent their catching of the virus. This can prevent getting sick.

Echinacea stimulates phagocytosis by human neutrophils (munching of white blood cells=WBC) to help clean up foreign bodies, will increase the number of WBC, stimulates NK cell action and induces cytokine production. It prevents and reverses necrosis (tissue degradation where pus forms from infection) from wounds by promoting tissue regeneration and reducing inflammation by inhibiting hyaluronidase production. Echinacea does not kill microbes by itself, but will stimulate ones immune function to do it. Many compounds in Echinacea are found to be immuno-stimulating in different ways and the full spectrum extract may be the most effective product.

Those very allergic especially to the Asteraceae family (ragweed). AIDS when T-cell count is below 200.

Astragalus (immune booster tonic)
Immuno-Tonic (Echinacea formula)
Oregano Oil ( powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal)
Echinaceal Goldenseal (acute formula)
Goldenseal Root (if acute, infection, thick, yellow or green mucus)

DOSAGE: Long Term Tonic: 30-90 drops, 1-3 times per day or as needed in juice or water. Acute: 3-5 squirts and up to 1 teaspoon=5-6 squirts, every 2-3 hours when on the edge of illness.

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