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PRIMARY USES: Ear Pain , Ear infection , Clogged Ears

For adults and children, Ear Clear Oil is indicated for acute and chronic ear infections. It is a topical remedy where the oil is gently dropped into the ear; it helps to reduce pain and discomfort from swelling due to an infection. It will increase circulation to this congested area in order to help increase the body’s ability to help heal the area and remove extra fluid buildup, and Ear Clear Oil might help break up wax build up by applying the oil in the ear. Ear Clear Oil can help in the short term and can even be used safely long term and it is best done at night to have prolonged contact.

Ear Clear Oil is strongly antibacterial and helps to kill bacterial on contact .

Do not take internally.

Echinacea Goldenseal (for flues if mucus is discolored or fever)
Oregano Oil (acute bacterial infections, sinus infections, use orally)
Respir-Ease (to relieve respiratory congestion)
Sinus Relief (if sinus or allergy related)

SUGGESTED USE: Apply 3-5 drops into effected ear. Repeat every 3 hours. Place cotton into ear if necessary to help keep ear oil in the ear. It is best used at night while sleeping. Best if one slightly warms oil first, but do not burn ear.

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