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PRIMARY USES: Indigestion = Dyspepsia (digestive deficiency), Gas, Sluggish bowels and digestion

Digest-Ease/Digest-Aid will stimulate the body’s ability to secrete more digestive enzymes (HCI, bile, pancreatic enzymes, pepsin, lipase, and saliva) to increase the catabolic or breakdown phase of digestion and this makes absorption more possible. This formula actually makes the body secrete its own digestive enzymes and gets the body to function normally

Digest-Ease/Digest-Aid can be used as a tonic for those with chronic indigestion. Digest-Ease/Digest-Aid soothes digestive upset and keep the digestive tract calm while digesting efficiently; and poor digestion is especially common in the elderly who benefit from this formula. Digest-Ease/Digest-Aid is helpful for those who have a hard time with fats and proteins that tend to sit in the digestive tract too long, making one feel bloated.

It also is a specific formula for Candida albicans, which thrives in a digestive tract that under secretes, thus becoming too alkaline (digestive pH is acidic, blood pH is alkaline); Digest-Ease/Digest-Aid increases HCI in the stomach, thus keeping it very acidic which kills parasites, bacteria, germs and keeps Candida in check.

Digest-Ease/Digest-Aid can be taken before or after a meal, but is best before the meal .

Pregnancy, Ulcers, Irritable bowel: Digest-Ease may either help or aggravate irritable bowel syndrome.

Anxiet-Ease (if digestion is worse with stress)
Liver Complex/Liver Detox (if liver deficient or if fats and proteins are especially difficult)
Oregano Oil (if candida)
Licorice Root (if ulcers)
Ginger Root (digestive aid )

DOSAGE: In general, it is best before a meal but can be used afterward. Daily use: 1 5-60 drops, 2-3 times per day or as needed in juice or water. Use before or after meals. Occasional use: 30-60 drops before or after meals that create indigestion or digestive upset.

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