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PRIMARY USES: Cleansing program , In recovery from substance abuse, Weight Loss or long term poor diet, Working or living in a toxic environment

Detoxify/Cleansing is an herbal formula that facilitates a systemic (full body) cleansing. Using Detoxify/Cleansing will result in blood and tissue cleansing through stimulating the organs that do this innately, including the liver, urinary tract, skin , lymph and bowels. Detoxify/Cleansing will help in the elimination of cellular metabolic waste (uric acid, lactic acid . . . ), dietary toxemia and environmental toxins by stimulating the organs that eliminate the toxemia from drug usage. It is indicated for internally and extemally generated toxins. It can be used in larger more frequent doses if a faster cleanse is desired, or in moderate doses for a slower cleanse. Faster cleanses can result in more uncomfortable acute healing symptoms that might not be desired, but are usually harmless. If this occurs, decrease the dose. Detoxify/Cleansing works best if other cleansing protocols are followed, such as dietary changes, increasing water consumption and exercise.

Detoxify will increase bile from the liver for fat digestion and HCI from the stomach for protein digestion and therefore decrease metabolic waste form incomplete digestion. This blend will assist those who need digestive enzymes. As a consequence of increased innate digestive enzyme output, peristalsis will increase to help assist norma l healthy bowel function .

Pregnancy and Nursing Do not use if already acutely detoxing, especially if acutely detoxing from addictions such as alcohol. Be careful if liver enzymes are elevated by going slowly. Aggressive detoxification and herbal liver stimulants may increase the rate of metabolic breakdown of some medications, especially those medications that are broken down in the liver. This can create an undesirable situation where medications are not working (i.e. beta blockers, anti-depressants) and Detoxify would be contraindicated. One may need to adjust the dosage of such medications while working with their health care professional.

Liver Detox (stronger focus on this one organ when cleansing)
Digest-Ease (if one has poor digestion and assimilation, this results in added toxemia)
Fem-Cycle/Fem-Aid (if PMS is present or cycle has heavy flow or discharge)

SUGGESTED USE: Regular cleansing: 15-60 drops 2 to 3 times per day in juice or water. Fast cleanse: Take up to 3 squirts ( 1 squirt is 30 drops) 4 to 6 times per day in a little water. Overall, adjust the dose to the intensity of the cleansing process and pace desired .

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