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PRIMARY USES: Broken Bones, Fractures, To Promote Wound Healing, Surgical Incisions, Burns, Osteoporosis, Ulcers, Cuts

Comfrey is the preeminent herb to promote healing of tissue ranging from skin, soft tissue, broken bones, fractures. It promotes calcium re-uptake into the bones and heal bones more quickly and typically casts from breaks come off earlier, and old wounds and poorly healed bones heal faster. Comfrey also promotes tissue repair for cuts and surgical incisions, and stitches come out earlier with less potential to scar. It is great for those with slow healing wounds (with more Echinacea). Comfrey facilitates the replication of epithelial cells, thereby helping to heal ulcerations on the skin or digestive track. Through this mechanism, burns can heal more quickly too.

This is also effective on animals.

Controversy surrounds Comfrey because of its’content of pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA). This potentially liver toxic substance is in minimal concentration in this dry plant extract (it is higher in fresh plant Comfrey) It is for short-term use (up to 2 months) and does not normally present a problem unless liver pathology exists.

Pregnancy. Nursing. Do not use if liver enzymes are elevated of with liver pathology. Do not use over 2 months in a row because of the pyrrolizidine alkaloid content.

Comfrey Combo (oral compliment to help heal tissue, cuts, bone and lesions)
Musc-Skel (for muscle and body pain)
Joint Tonic (for joint pain)
Echinacea (if infected or wounds are full of pus)

DOSAGE: 20-30 drops, 2-3 times per day or as needed in juice or water.

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