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PRIMARY USES: Sinus Infections, Sinus Headaches, Colds/Flu that are active, Fever, Bacterial Infections, Viral Infections, Snoring, Athletes and Oxygen uptake

Cold and Sinus Blaster has an immediate, dramatic and direct impact on the sinus. It is an extremely pungent formula with aromatic compounds that produce vapors that open and dilate the sinus passageways in order to drain them, deepen breathing and help to kill microbial inundation. It produces a short-term intensity that is followed by a mellow warming sensation in the sinus which is comforting.

Cold and Sinus Blaster will open even the most stubborn and clogged sinus cavity for anywhere from a short period of time to a prolonged time. Repeated doses over part of a day can help maintain breathing and sinus drainage and therefore shorten the time to healing. It can be used many times per day when acute or simply on occasion when temporarily in need. Cold and Sinus Blaster is useful for sinus infections, colds and flues, congestion from allergies and environmental sources. Smokers will find that it helps decongest. Overall, it is primarily an herbal formula to open breathing. It is best to take deep inhalations after taking Cold and Sinus Blaster to direct the vapors into the sinus. The deeper one inhales, the deeper it will work. For lung congestion or sore throats, combine with Respir-Ease/Respiratory Complex.

Since the sinus cavity has poor circulation in general, it increases circulation and increase pulls immune compounds in the blood to fight infection. It also helps stimulate the body to fight off microbial inundation, assists in healing, helps clean the lungs and helps reestablish immune homeostasis.

Cold and Sinus Blaster can be helpful before an athletic event. It can assist high altitude sickness. It can help the congestion that occurs from travel, especially airline flights. Sinus headaches also can be assisted by draining congestion that creates the pressure of such headaches and other headaches also be helped.

It helps increase immune stimulation. Combine with Echinacea Goldenseal or Oregano Oil to additionally stimulate white blood cell activity. For long-term immune weakness, combine with Immuno Tonic/lmmuno-Stimulant or Elderberry.

Before bedtime, it may help those who snore from inflammation and congestion and therefore produce a better nights sleep.

Pregnancy. The amount of licorice in here is small and should not raise high blood pressure. Keep away form sensitive body parts.

Respir-Ease (to clear out lungs)
Mushroom Master (rebuild immunity)
Sinus Relief (Chinese formula to balance constitutions)
Aller-Calm (if allergies) Oregano Oil (powerful anti-microbial)
Echinacea Goldenseal (colds and Flu)
Astragalus (if chronic weak immunity)

DOSAGE: General: Take 1 5-30 drops direct in mouth or in water or juice as soon as is needed. Take 1 -3 times per day and up to every 3 hours when needed. Acute infection: Take every 30 minutes to 2 hours until relief maintains

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