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PRIMARY USES: Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety, Upset Stomach

Chamomile is traditionally used as a mild relaxing herb for mild insomnia, anxiousness and stomach upset from nervousness. It is a gentle sedative to the central nervous system and can calm one down. It is best when one wants a gentle relaxing herb to gently help them to sleep or to simply relax during the day. It is suitable for children, those who are very sensitive to sedatives and for the elderly. It is especially soothing in a warm cup of water at bedtime.

Chamomile can also be used for digestive upset from nervous eating or overeating. It can soothe upset tummies form overeating junk foods, such as at a state fair or Halloween. It has also been used for teething infants and children who need a little pain relieving action. Dilute amounts are added to water, milk or juice in amounts suitable to the weight of the child. Use 10-20 drops for a 30 pound child, 25-30 drops for a 60 pound child and an adult dose above these weights.


Relax (calming formula with Valerian and Chamomile)
ZZZZZZ (sedating formula to help sleep and calm the mind)
Anxiet-Ease (anxiety formula with Kava)
Valerian Root (stronger sedative)
Kava Kava (for anxiety)

DOSAGE: General : 30-60 drops. 2-3 times per day or as needed in juice or water. Acute: 2-4 squirts (60-1 20 drops) as needed up to every 2 hours.

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