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PRIMARY USES: Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, Pain, Depression, Performance Anxiety

Anxiet-Ease is a herbal formula reduces anxiety, nervous irritability, and compulsive thinking and panic attacks. It is a powerful anti-anxiety formula slows the pulse and alleviates the rapid heart palpations often associated with anxiety and panic attacks. Anxiet·Ease can help performance anxiety from activities ranging from lectures to sex.

Similar in action to benzodiazipine drugs (valium, xanax, klonipin, halcion) Anxiet-Ease will calm and soothe the mind and soul when going through difficult times emotionally and mentally, yet does not interfere with cognitive function for staying alert and clear.

Anxiet-Ease helps insomnia when the mind will not clam down, yet one is tired orexhausted. It will help light sleepers by helping one go beyond REM sleep and into deeper sleep stages where rest and healing occur.

It also can help one get off alcohol and marijuana use and calms one and appeals to those who enjoy the effects of alcohol and marijuana.

Pregnancy, Nursing, Operations of heavy equipment (this is an American Herbal Products Association recommendation)

St. John’s Tonic (if depression accompanies the anxiety)
St. John’s Wort (if depression accompanies the anxiety)
Relax (to help sedate the whole nervous system)
Reishi Eleuthero Master (if exhaustion is present)
Ginseng Master/Energy (if exhaustion and d eficiency is present)
Musc·Skel (if body pain is present)

DOSAGE: Acute short term need: 2-4 squirts every hour as needed. Anxiet-Ease can be increased to 1 tsp. (6 squirts) for short-term strong anxiety reducing doses. Tonic long-term need: 30-60 drops 2·3 times per day.

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