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Yin chiao plus

Yin chiao plus

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PRIMARY USES; Initial onset of Colds and Flu (First 24-48 hours), Fever

Yin Chiao Plus is best used at the first sign or in the early stage of a common cold or flu or at a suspected onset of a cold. It also used when exposed, or likely to be exposed to cold or flu. It is best if taken in the first 24 to 48 hours, with symptoms of a sore throat, stuffy nose, heavy head, aching neck and slight fever. This herbal formula is an extremely effective medicine if taken as soon as symptoms appear; however, it is not appropriate once the illness enters the lungs and cough is present. Four herbs of the herbal formula are very powerful antivirals: Isalis, lIex, Lonicera and Forsythia, and other herbs are for aching neck, headache, and nasal congestion.

For preventative: Begin taking a half hour before entering airports, airplanes, terminals, or crowded public facilities or adding Echinacea at 1 teaspoon of the liquid extract three times in the day will also help.

Not indicated for cough with phlegm.

Echinacea (to potentiate this formula)
Echinacea Goldenseal (for acute colds/flu)
Oregano Oil (anti-microbial)
Respir-Ease (to decongest and clear the respiratory)
Kid's Cough (alcohol free, if congested)

DOSAGE : Adults: 60-90 drops (2-3 squirts) in water of juice every 3 hours or as needed. It is important to take it often. Children: half the dosage. Most effective away from food by at least 20 minutes.