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PRIMARY USES: Congestion, Colds, Asthma, Recurring lung congestion, Singers, Speakers

Throat Ease is a throat spray for sore and irritated throats from either being sick or from overuse. Throat Ease will warm and bronchio-dilate the lungs and sooth the throat with its coating herbs. It is a great respiratory remedy for acute colds, flu, sinus infections, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, smokers' lung and general lung congestion. It brings the blood into the capillaries of the lungs, thus facilitating oxygen uptake via hemoglobin and clear out the lungs.

Throat Ease is also for throat irritation from singing, talking excessively from lecturing, acting, yelling (sports) or from just being ill. It is a powerful and immediate lung macrophage (white blood cell) stimulant to help the lung powerfully address viral and bacterial conditions. It helps clear the lungs of congestion in order to resolve lingering mucus that wants to be expelled. If mucus stays in the lungs too long, it becomes a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria to continually live, thus prolonging recovery from colds and flues. However, using Throat Ease at the initial onset of a respiratory illness usually will stop it or diminish it (combine with Echinacea or Oregano Oil). For throat infections; it coats and helps create an immune barrier; it also increase saliva, which pH corrects the mouth and throat to prevent bacteria penetration. As long as saliva and healthy mucus cover the throat, microorganisms such as Strep and influenza will have a harder time penetrating tissue and moving into the body. It also helps to coat mucosal tissue like the throat as demulcents and increases blood supply to the respiratory tract to bring in innate immunity and help resolve an infection.

Pregnancy; Nursing; Small amounts of licorice should be OK in high blood pressure

Respir Ease (similar formula in drops)
Echinacea & Goldenseal (additional infection fighting especially mucus is discolored and feverish)
Aller-Calm (if infection is allergy induced)
Echinacea (immune booster)
Oregano Oil (for difficult bacterial, fungal and viral infections)
Yin Chiao Plus (at first sign of cold)

SUGGESTED USE: General: Spray 1-2 times into the mouth and throat as needed Acute: Spray 3-6 times into the mouth 3-6 times per day.