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Sinus relief

Sinus relief

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PRIMARY USES: Hayfever allergies, Sinus infections

Sinus Relief is very effective for hayfever allergies and occasional sinus congestion; it helps sinus congestion or nasal allergies with sneezing and eye itching. Combine with Oregano Oil if chronic sinus congestion may have intestinal candidiasis at its root.

Caution in elderly patients with weak hearts. Can aggravate heart palpitations.

Aller-Calm (western allergy formula)
Respir-Ease (if congested or viral in lungs)
Liver Detox (if liver deficient)
Oregano Oil (if bacterial infection or candida too)
Echinacea Goldenseal (if infection too)

DOSAGE: Adults: 60-90 drops in water or juice, 3 to 4 times per day or as needed. Children: half the dosage. Most effective away from food by at least 20 minutes. May be needed every three hours.