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Oregano grape root

Oregano grape root

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PRIMARY USES: Liver Deficiency, Cleansing, Toxemia, "Blood Purifier", Digestive Enzyme Deficiency, Sluggish Digestion and Elimination, Allergies, Anti-Bacterial (Goldenseal substitute)

Oregon Grape has a wide variety of uses; it is the best western herb for liver deficiency. It essentially increases liver function by stimulating the liver to produce more bile and other liver enzymes and increases fat digestion (increases bile) and protein digestion (increase HCI and pepsinogen). Therefore it is indicated for those with constitutional deficiency patterns in the liver and digestive systems, and it helps other symptoms relating to liver deficiency (which includes dry skin, eczema. preference to sweets and carbohydrates, prone to allergies or environmental illness. prone to fatigue, avoids fat and protein, is drawn to a cleansing, vegetarian diet and get tired and depleted, PMS. constipation).

Oregon Grape increases the rate in which the liver detoxifies the blood as it passes through the liver. It is a great cleansing agent for systemic (whole body) cleansing or for fast cleansing in larger doses. Toxins are removed form the body quickly as this function is the liver's responsibility.

As an anti-microbial, Oregon Grape contains the same alkaloid, berberine, as Goldenseal which increases anti-bacterial action. Therefore, intestinal bacterial infections respond well to Oregon Grape. It is a great topical wash and internal bacteria killer.

Oregon Grape is indicated in Allergies (hayfever) as it increases the livers ability to digest and synthesize protein; pollen is a protein. It can be used as part of an allergy (hayfever) or environmental illness treatment for its ability to increase the liver's ability to clean out as it kills foreign invaders. This makes the body's ability to handle the pollen and environmental toxin is increased and therefore lessens the body's strong antihistamine reaction.

Oregon Grape is a specific for skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and other toxic skin conditions. Oregon Grape can be used acutely in larger doses or long term in smaller doses as a tonic.


Liver Detox (liver formula)
Milk Thistle (to cool can calm liver, is for excess livers and elevated liver enzymes)
Burdock (liver cleanser if skin problems)
Goldenseal (anti-bacterial with berberine alkaloid too)
Aller-Calm (if allergies)

DOSAGE: General (long term): 10-40 drops, 2-3 times per day or as needed in juice or water.
Fast Cleansing (acute short term): 60-90 drops 3-6 times per day for 3-7 days.