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Mushroom master

Mushroom master

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PRIMARY USES: Weak Immunitv. Chronic Cold and Flu, Chemotherapy, HIV and AIDS

Mushroom Master is indicated for immune deficiency and is a long-term tonic. It can be used as a preventative when one either wants to avoid or one already finds they are getting weaker and becoming more prone to getting sick and fatigued; this is especially for those who have great stress and heavy immune inundation. This formula helps when one has debility and lethargy of body, mind and spirit. Mushroom Master also is a specific for chemotherapy where the white blood cell count and activity (phagocytosis) is impaired or threatened.

These organic mushrooms are a glucoaminoglycan extracts (GAG) whereby the immuno-modulating polysaccharides are first extracted in a water extraction process. The herb then goes through an alcohol extraction process to remove other immuno-modulating compounds that the water cannot extract. The two liquids are combined to create a full spectrum mushroom extract.

Pregnancy and Nursing, Small amount of licorice should be OK in high blood pressure.

Immuno-Tonic (for immune deficiency)
Astragalus Root (additional amounts of this herb)
Echinacea Root (additional immune boosting)

DOSAGE: General usage: 20-60 drops, 2-3 times per day or as needed in juice or water. More severe immune deficiency: 60- 120 drops 2 times per day in juice or water.