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PRIMARY USES: Muscle Pain, Fibromyalgia, Athletic workouts (to reduce recovery time), Injuries and Accidents, Overexertion

Musc-Skel has many uses; it can be used as a preventative for immediate acute pain and for chronic pain disorders. it is specificially for fibromyalgia, iniuries, traumas, car accidents, breaks, strains, sprains, athletic workout and chiropractic adjustments that are painful, pain from deep body massage, arthritis, tension headaches and anxiety. Musc-Skel helps diminish muscle and nerve pain and connective tissue inflammation by decreasing the frequency the nerve sends a pain signal to the brain and decreasing inflammation.

Most of the pain medication take all pain away, and one goes and works in the yard too vigorously and does not feel any discomfort. After the medication wears off, one finds they have re-injured themselves more severely. Unlike the prescription pain medication (potentially addictive and toxic), Musc-Skel (nontoxic and non-addictive) will diminish pain and discomfort 10-50% or more, but not paralyze the pain signal completely. By staying aware of the source of the problem, but staying within a tolerable level of pain and discomfort by using Musc-Skel, one will be more able to gauge what physical activity one can do and not re-injure themselves further and can be able to relax and heal fast.

Pregnancy, Nursing

Joint Tonic (if arthritis or any joint pain is present)
Head-Aid (if headaches are common)
Kava Gold or Anxiet-Ease (if anxiety or nervousness is present)
Comfrey Combo (breaks, osteoporosis, cuts, and ulcerations)
Valerian Root (severe pain)

DOSAGE: Preventative: Before a painful event (dental visit, deep muscle massage, workout, athletic event) 30 drops minimum and up to 120 drops 1/2 to 1 hour before the event. Acute dosage: 60-90 drops in water every 2-3 hours until pain subsides. Then 2-3 times daily until not needed. Chronic pain: 60-90 drops 2-3 times daily in water.