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PRIMARY USES: Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Deficient fat and protein digestion, Candida

Gentian can be considered the perfect bitter herb to stimulate digestion in numerous ways. The bitter compounds in Gentian stimulate the bitter taste buds on the tongue, and this sends a message to the brain to increase bile form the liver, which emulsifies or digests fat. The bitter stimulation also sends a message to increase hydrochloric acid (HCI) from the stomach, which increases protein digestion. In other words, bitters stimulate the body's ability to digest and therefore assimilate fat and protein.

After Gentian is absorbed in the digestive system, it reinitiates bile and HCI secretions to again increase ones capacity to digest fat and protein. Gentian works immediately (taste) and time delayed (absorption) to facilitate digestion, and it is indicated for deficient digestive secretions and usually for one who cannot handle or digest proteins and fatty food. When they eat protein and fat, it may sit in the stomach too long, make one feel sluggish, and create constipation and bloating.

Gentian is indicated for Candida Albicans, usually proliferates in an environment that is not acid enough or too alkaline in the small and large intestines. When one is deficient in their digestive enzymes (GI and liver deficiency), caused by illness, stress or constitutional pre-dispositions, then there is commonly a micro-ecology where Candida can proliferate and parasites can join this environment as an opportunistic bug. Gentian helps to re-acidify the GI environment (makes you secrete HCI) so Candida and parasites cannot find a home. Oregano Oil in this situation helps to kill the Candida and parasites at the same time


Digest-Ease (systemic d igestive stimulant)
Oregon Grape Root (to increase protein digestion and assimilation)
Oregano Oil (if Candida or parasites)
Fennel (for gas and upset stomach)

DOSAGE: 10-30 drops 2-3 times per day or as needed in juice or water. Can be taken on an as need basis or daily for chronic indigestion.